Sailor Man is looking to leave his job and explore other opportunities. Translation: he’s looking to get away from his psycho boss and the effed-up organization he works for which is, funny enough, the Commonwealth of PA.

This is going to mean that we return to a life of living apart for weeks if not months (something we moved here to avoid), a cut in pay, and the ever fun jostling of health insurance. While Sailor Man works on a boat, he is covered by the Jones Act, by which the boat he works for pays his medical needs should any arise. Of course, when he’s off the boat, it’s a whole other ball game. Do we go on my company plan? Go on COBRA? Do we get dental insurance for one or both of us? Do we cut down on retirement savings in the meantime? All of this is based on our personal choices, so we’ll live with the best consequences we can.

All I can say is I am sooooo thankful we do not have children because this is scary stuff. I’ve had a bad year with migraines, dental issues, a back injury, and allergies so we’ve really taken the health insurance for a ride. We’re not about to go without. However, I was also hoping to go to school full-time in the future, so based on the complete unaffordability of that option, that plan is on hold.

I hear on the news that Hilary has a plan. So does Obama, and so does John. Although, I’m not so sure about Hilary’s “mandated” health care, I am certainly glad that the candidates are finally bringing the topic up for discussion.   

But here’s the kicker: no one is really addressing how the Common Joe or Jane is supposed to be able to pay for this. You can talk about tax credits all you want, but if you can not afford the up-front cost on top of co-pays and out of pocket expenses, what good is a tax credit at the end of the year?

The opposition to this type of health care wonders how the government is going to fund this program. That kind of rhetoric pisses me off so badly, I could kick them all in the teeth. First of all, how dare they?! The government found a way to pay for this wholly unecessary war in Iraq but they can’t find a way to ensure the health of its citizens??  They can give NASA a few billion dollars to perform experiments in space for a few weeks, but to hell with all the children in this country being untreated for the most basic medical issues?

A friend of mine’s father is an insurance company executive. He’s just bought another vintage car for his “collection” and plans on buying a million dollar vacation home (his 5th) with his bonus this year.  While I normally support the markets deciding how certain types of social issues will play out, in this case it simply has not and will not work and anyone who believes otherwise is deeply deluded.

The markets are based on profits and insurance companies have made it damn clear that sick people are unprofitable, high risk people are unprofitable, doctors doing their jobs are unprofitable. So it is certainly time for the government to step in.

40 millions Americans are without health insurance right this istant. That means you know people without medical coverage. Statistically speaking, everyone does. And as we know, it doesn’t take but little bad luck to wipe some people off the economic map. Time to address the issue.