The high in Erie today is supposed to only reach 62 degrees and everyone around my office is griping up a storm. Me? I’m about read to turn handsprings. The absolutely awful, humid weather this summer nearly made me crazy, so any day below 70 is a good day. In fact, as it dipped into the 40’s last night, I opened all the windows in the house and slept like a baby. My neighbors, who head south for the winter by the way, think I’m crazy.

I’ve realized some things in my short time here on Earth. First, is that I am a Midwesterner. If not just by birth, but by nature. Secondly, I am also a Northerner. I hate heat. I hate to be hot. I want to be cold. All the time. After briefly living in the South (or as I like to refer to as Dante’s 9th Circle of Hell), I developed a whole new appreciation for the northern states.

I know it is the law here in Erie that all must vacation on cruise ships and retire to Myrtle Beach, but not this girl. Last January, when the temperature dropped to -10, I headed off the Iceland, and I’ll do it again, and no one can stop me!! With Global Warming cranking into high gear, I’ll probably have to move to Arctic Circle just to be comfortable.

Bitch about the winter all you want, but I say this: winter in the North weeds out the undesirables.  I don’t understand these people who move south, where it’s warmer, and they crank up the AC all year round. Know what? You’re a wimp. Know what else? You’re not very eco-friendly. Face it, you people are part of the problem!

But that’s okay. Since I don’t like people very much, it’s better that you just leave. Less traffic, more room for me and more snow for me to play in. As I re-stack my wood pile tonight and stoke up the flames in the fireplace, I’ll be thinking about you, and your wimpy-ness, patiently waiting for you to leave.

Snow in September? I only wish! Bring on winter!!