Ya know, every time I get The Question (so when are you going to have kids?), normally, all I have to do to shut people up is to point them in the direction of the news.

My thinking used to be that I’d have kids when people started making kids I would want mine to hang out with. Now, I’m not so sure that is the best ideology, as it seems who is having kids might be the better litmus test.

This change in philosophy comes hot on the heels of all the “Kid Nation” hooplah courtesy of CBS. In case you don’t know, the show is a reality series which looks to me like the network was hoping for a sort of “Lord of the Flies” scenario to be caught on film. And of course, people are outraged. How dare the network do this? What about child labor laws? What about those poor, poor children injured on set? As if the blame should be on the network!

How about the freakin’ parents, people???? Parents signed waivers, on behalf of their precious children, that essentially excludes CBS of any and all culpability should their child be injured during filming, up to and including, death. All this and more for the incredible price of $5,000. More is your kid wins any of the challenges during the filming.

The point I’m trying to make is that whoring out your children is wrong. Britney, Lindsay, MacCauley Culkin, Michael Jackson, and Beyonce (who seems like a lovely person, but you have to question her parents allowing all that “bootyliciousness” during her teen years), aren’t these poor souls enough evidence that it can all go very, very bad?

I expect the entertainment industry to come up with outrageous and potentially dangerous ideas, but what you don’t see coming is the mutltitude of parents who are willing to trade in their child’s health and wellbeing for what is basically chump change. 

Stop heaping all the moral indignation at CBS, a little towards the parents might be in order.