For as much as Americans concern themselves with the War on Terror, and the ever amusing Napoleonic rantings of that nut-bag in North Korea, we seem to be missing a whole lotta something in between those two said points. Namely, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

Personally, I love this guy. He’s an old-school, ex-KGB man, trash talkin’ to the media about the US while vamping up Russia’s military holdings. He’s a true gentlemen’s warrior where real men go head to head with fleets of nuclear submarines while only pansies get involved with religious fanatics and neighborhood warlords. I’m not buying his lame-duck status for a minute. This is seriously someone who won’t be ignored.

And it’s really hard to ignore someone who smolders with this much heat exhibits such strong political will and the determination to see it through.

Not to mention, have you seen the body on this guy? At 54, he’s a damn impressive figure and not one to be triffled with, although, after the recent release of his vacation photos from Siberia (yes, the man even vacations in Siberia), there’s more than one Russian lass who wouldn’t mind trifling with him if only for a few hours.

Let’s also not forget that Russia has oil and natural gas. So much so that they can put a strangle hold on Europe in a moment’s notice and, given the sour relations between England and Russia at the moment, I wouldn’t put it past them to do so.

I admit it, I’m a Cold War Baby. And personally, I would love a return to the geopolitics of the old days prior to the tumbling of the Berlin Wall. Ooooooo, a little cloak and dagger in foggy and unlit back alley with people wearing trench coats…I’m drooling just thinking about it. And honestly, who wouldn’t prefer that to this Ultimate Fight Championship in the Sand Pit of Hell that is currently the Middle East.

Just give me enough time to put all my money in stocks for defense contractors.