If the average person truly understood how long and arduous the road is to become a successful politician, how highly advanced the people skils one must posses, they might more openly gape at how the most basic gaffe ruins one’s career.

So let’s look at Larry Craig. Yeah, the whole scene in the airport bathroom is sketchy, but then, as United States Senator, you would think the guy would have the good sense to either a) fight like hell to quash the charge, or b) own up to it and give it nowhere else to go.

Let’s first look at option a: had he fought the charge brought it to public with all the scantimonious indignation he could muster, he could have spun this story with little damage.  

With option b, Craig is little more than another poor soul hoisted out of the closet. His career and maybe his marriage ruined, but at least he could walk away with some modicrum of dignity instead of how he appears now, the pathetic, dirty old man trying to desperately to explain away this gross misunderstanding. With option b, Craig could walk away immediately, endure a horrible week of news coverage before the news media turns to something else.  The story wouldn’t really be a story again unless he ran for re-election.

Larry Craig, let me introduce to you George Michael. George Michael, Larry Craig…..